@SwIt Printfil  v.5.23

Print from DOS, Unix, Linux to Windows printers: USB, GDI, PDF, e-mail, network, IP, fax. Capture LPT1:-LPT9: & COM1:-COM9: and redirect the jobs, even to a printer physically connected to the captured port and w/out physical LPT/COM ports installed


Timing software for home automation, to control irrigation, hydroponics, lights etc. This is a program that enables the PC to connect to the outside world, by using the printer port LPT1.


DosPrintUtility  v.3. 3. 2003

DOSPrint is software which captures LPT ports to any print queue. Features: -DOSPrint can capture LPT1-LPT9 to any local or network print queue. -Local print queues do not need to be shared.

TIMER(pulses in seconds)  v.4.0.0

Timer is the perfect timing software to control hydroponics, relays, solenoids or lights from a computers printer port. This program enables the PC to connect to the outside world by using the printer port LPT1.

Techshop Electric Control System PCEC-H1.10  v.1.0

These kits are mini PLC ( Programme Logic Controller) which are connected to PC parallel port (LPT1).We supply you a complete hardware and associate software we manufacture under brand "Techshop" along with installation guide.

DXSoft Switcher  v.2 10

The '1' button erects a logical one at pin 2 of an LPT-port, the '2' button sets high level at pin 3 and so on. The program can be launched with several command line parameters.

VHFLOG32  v.3 5

Features: - Free logger runs in 98SE thru Win7 OS, with post contest log entry. - Logs ARRL VHF/UHF `big 4` contests, Sprints etc. - Use GenLog for other VHF/UHF contests plus hundreds of HF/DIG/QRP/State contests. - Logs Rover QSOs as Call/R.

Dos Printer  v.12 9

DOSPRINTER runs under Windows, and allows you to print from a file to any WINDOWS printer. You can print to network printers, USB printers, and even all the latest printers that have 'Windows Only' written all over them!

RootAlyzer  v.

RootAlyzer detects various hiding methods usually used by rootkits. Until a more complex help file has been written, this page will try to provide you with explanations on why scan results appeared on your list.

WebClientPrint for ASP.NET  v.1.0

WebClientPrint is a plugin-free solution for Raw Printing scenarios for Windows clients, exclusively designed for ASP.

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